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Bahía del Duque joins WWF’s “Earth Hour”

The Bahía del Duque is participating once again in WWF’s “Earth Hour” campaign.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, March 2016.- Bahía del Duque, company owned by the Grupo CIO, is collaborating once again with the “Earth Hour initiative , promoted by WWF, and which will take place all over the world on Saturday March 19th.

Bahía del Duque will join once again (it was one of the first Spanish companies to join this campaign), this “global blackout” at 20:30h, moment when Bahía del Duque will turn off a large part of its lighting and will light hundreds of candles and torches all over the hotel, where artists, acrobats and dancers will harmonize the the evenings with performances with a common denominator: fire and light.

Earth Hour reminds us each year that a small gesture can have a very large repercussion. This is the message: each gesture counts, change for the climate, trying to convert this global human change of good actions in a strong link to change the climate. Bahia del Duque has actively participated with WWF for the last seven years, seeking with these types of actions, to denounce climate change and encourage the fight for a improved preservation of the environment.

We must also not forget that “Earth Hour” is the largest global mobilisation campaign in the fight against climate change, and WWF is one of the largest and most respected organizations dedicated to the search of sustainable development and the defence against the environment worldwide. They work in over 100 countries to help preserve biodiversity and eliminate the threats. This initiative, which began in Sydney in 2007, has managed the participation of over 7.000 towns and cities en 160 countries, where thousands of companies, education centres and organizations join their voices to reveal that a future based on clean energy is possible.