An entrepreneurial need and desire combined with a collector’s spirit and a curiosity for extraordinary objects linked to the culture of hospitality are a part of the philosophy of our family.

We have grown up valuing prestige and quality. We have passed this on from generation to generation. Our solid legacy is also experience and, through it, we wish to create an environment where perfection and luxury are the quality maxims that we offer.

Looking towards the future from a solid past, the memory of the surname Tais is part of our home and of ourselves due to everything that it transmits and brings us.

Our Mission

The mission of The Tais is to be a family hotel chain dedicated to the management of independent hotels and unique resorts, characterized by its constant commitment to the extraordinary and its extensive experience in the luxury hospitality sector.

Our Vision

The vision of The Tais is to be an extraordinary collection of luxury hotels in which the unique and singular personality of each project stands out, forming independent and unique entities governed by the traditions and culture of each destination, with a single common denominator – exclusive places with exceptional customer service.

Our Values

The Tais bases its business strategy on values ​​such as the family spirit that inspired the project; the importance of the human team; exceptional customer service; responsibility for quality; commitment to the environment; commitment to innovation; dynamism and versatility.