At The Tais Hotels we are firmly committed to strategies that promote sustainable tourism practices and behavioral values towards the protection of the wellbeing of our employees, the environment and collaboration with the development of the community. Sustainability is part of our philosophy, which is why we feel a responsibility to participate in the construction of a better world.

The sustainability committee of Grupo CIO, company owner of The Tais Hotels, is responsible for setting the objectives and for monitoring the actions to be carried out within the three key areas of activity: employees, environment and community.

We invite you to discover all our activities in the annual Sustainability Report of the CIO Group.

Grupo CIO Sustainability Report 2018



The wellbeing of the team that makes up The Tais Hotels is a key factor for the development of the Group. We promote a quality work environment, and we are aware of the great importance of the work carried out by each and every one of the employees for the success of our company. We support internal promotion, training and we ensure equal opportunities between the workers.

The communication between all of those who make up the soul of The Tais Hotels is very important and everyday we focus on advancing channels that promote closeness and dialogue. Furthermore, we contribute to the motivation of our team with strategies that boost their feeling of belonging to the company.


At The Tais Hotels we are deeply implicated in the protection of the environment. Minimizing our footprint, reducing our usage, emissions and residues, and conserving the environment with a rational use of our natural resources is one of our most relevant principles.

We promote the participation and implication of our employees in actions aimed towards the improvement of work processes, rewarding their creativity with the contest “Environmental Champion”, aimed at promoting sustainable management ideas.

Environmental Certificates

Our Hotel Bahía del Duque, part of The Tais Hotels, has several environmental seals that reinforces its commitment with sustainability and its support of the social and responsible economy, such as:

Travelife Gold Certification: Awarded by Travelife Sustainabiliyt System, it demonstrates our firm commitment and responsibility towards the protection of the environment, the respect and fair treatment of employees, the support of the community, protection of local culture and fauna, and the development of regional economy.

Biosphere Seal: awarded by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (ITR), it’s a voluntary certification based on the principles of sustainable tourism through criteria regarding environmental, cultural and socioeconomic behaviour.


Social action is implicit in our corporate culture. The Tais Hotels promotes social development through its commitment with the community.

We establish links with local associations and actively collaborate with them; we promote corporate volunteering among our teams; we encourage the hiring of people with disabilities; and create awareness of local culture and traditions as identity signs of our destination.

Furthermore, we contribute to the improvement of the living condition of children, families and communities of disadvantaged regions at an international level, thanks to the collaboration of over 19 years with Ayuda en Acción, sponsoring 40 children through our project “What can you do with 1 euro?


Promoting social development initiatives defines the identity of The Tais Hotels. To collaborate with not for profit entities and social or environmental charity associations is a fundamental part of our corporate Sustainability strategy.

The Tais Hotels cooperates with NGO’s of different scopes and countries, such as Ayuda en Acción, WWF, Spanish Association Against Cancer, SOS Childen’s Villages, EcoOcéanos, Stey by Step Foundation, Sonsoles Soriano Foundation, Trisómicos21, Funcasor, etc.