The Hotel Bahía del Duque takes Canarian Cuisine to Sylt Gourmet Festival in Germany

Representatives from the hotel, led by Michel Burgio and Juan Miguel Cabrera, invited to attend the annual event on the so-called “culinary island”

This year Bahía del Duque is participating in the Gourmet Festival of the island of Sylt, where it will represent Canarian haute cuisine. The festival, celebrating its twentieth edition, is a showcase of the best German and European cuisine, as well as wineries and their wines.

The team representing the hotel is led by the hotel´s Food and Drinks manager, Michel Burgio, the executive chef, Juan Miguel Cabrera, the chef of Restaurant Alisios, Lucas Ordóñez, and Elisa Rodríguez, the assistant sales and marketing manager. Their work will be carried out in the kitchen of Manne Pahl restaurant and consists of a menu of five dishes made from some of the products and typical creations of Canarian cuisine.

The menu created for the Gourmet Festival of the island of Sylt is comprised of ceviche of Atlantic wreckfish, lime and avocado; a warm cream soup of watercress with lemon sorbet; cod, red onion, coriander and sweet potato and pork fillet smeared in cheese and boiled mojo sauce. For dessert, it includes creamy banana, biscuit and Dulce de leche.

According to Michel Burgio, “taking the high level cuisine we produce at Bahía del Duque to a well-established festival like that of Sylt -known in Germany as the culinary island-, is an unbeatable opportunity to project all the potential and quality of the product and Canarian gastronomy to the outside world, an essential element in our quality range of tourism”.

Sylt, “the culinary island”

Known as the culinary island, Sylt, in northern Germany, hosts a gastronomy festival every year. The Gourmet Festival of the island of Sylt is organised by five local restaurants and in order to celebrate its twenty years of history, a proposal has been made to incorporate outstanding chefs and oenologists from around the world, inviting the most prestigious luxury resorts.

At this edition, in addition to Bahía del Duque, other famous hotels such as Soneva Fushi (Maldivas), Banyan Tree Mayacoba (Mexico), Anantara (India) and The Chedi Muscat (Oman) have been invited. Each hotel team will cook in a restaurant on the island.

The event is taking place between January 16th and 19th 2019. More than 250 guests are expected to participate in a complete program with different dinners and two “Gourmet safaris”.