BDB to go healthy food

Bahía del Duque launches ‘BDB to Go Healthy Food’ a new gastronomic concept on the beachfront

Located on the promenade, next to Playa del Duque beach, it offers healthy food to take away.

Bahía del Duque, a hotel of The Tais Hotels & Villas, is incorporating BDB to Go Healthy Food into its gastronomic proposal, a new concept of fresh and sustainable food that is ideal for taking to the beach.

This restaurant space, which is in the heart of the promenade, next to Bahía del Duque Beach bar, offers a menu based on healthy food to take away and enjoy during a day at the beach.

Among the ‘BDB to Go Healthy Food’ the selection of Poke Bowls stands out, a trendy and very complete dish due to its variety of nutrients which include fresh fish, varied vegetables, white meat, rice or quinoa as sources of carbohydrates.

A large part of the menu has been designed for enjoying healthy dishes anywhere, such as Wraps and wheat Tacos and a variety of Paninis with light and seasonal ingredients, with varieties such as roast beef with rocket, tomato, goat’s cheese and pico de gallo; roast courgette with tofu, mesclun and the special touch of baba ghanoush and roast turkey and ricotta with nuts and blossom honey.

The sweet part of the menu is added by the desserts: vegan brownie, an organic carrot cake or sliced fresh fruit, as well as the tarts and daily cupcakes, an example of how eating healthily can also be a real pleasure for the palate.

To accompany the takeaway menu, ‘BDB to Go Healthy Food’ offers a selection of cold-pressed juices with different properties such as Energy with apple, carrot, orange, passion fruit, lemon and maca root; the Green Power with cucumber, pineapple, pear, spinach, kale, lime, broccoli, basil and spirulina or the Antiox with apple, strawberry, beetroot, lemon, raspberries and Açaí berries.

The food and drink manager at Bahía del Duque, Michel Burgio, explains that “With ‘BDB to Go Healthy Food’ we are adding a concept and format to the hotel’s wide range that combines the pleasure of enjoying a day at the beach with the trend and taste for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. We are blending the traditional takeaway into cuisine where fresh dishes with healthy and quality ingredients dominate.”

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