Restaurante La Hacienda

Mexico Lindo! Gastronomic days

Bahía del Duque celebrates its Mexico Lindo! gastronomic days with a four-hands menu designed by Michele Princiotta and Armando Saldanha

The gastronomic event will be taking place on 24 and 25 August during regular dinner hours at La Hacienda Restaurant, located on the oceanfront promenade and open to the public.

Bahía del Duque’s La Hacienda Restaurant will be serving a four-hands menu prepared by the restaurant’s Italian kitchen chef, Michele Princiotta, together with the restaurant’s culinary advisor, Mexican chef Armando Saldanha.

The culinary event will take place on 24 and 25 August during normal dinner hours at the hotel restaurant, located on the promenade near the access point to the Duque beach. Open to the public, diners can enjoy a six-course tasting menu designed by the two chefs. It starts off with the classic Tequila Sour, a cocktail prepared with Mexico’s national liquor as a base.

For starters, they are proposing a Tuna Tartare Crostini and a Chili-based Broth with Prawns. For the fish course, they have designed a traditional Mexican dish with a local product base: Wreckfish a la talla au gratin, cabbage and glazed tomatoes; and for the meat dish they are proposing a tenderloin Taco with avocado and pico de gallo.

To finish off the tasting menu, they have included two dessert choices: Passion fruit, chocolate, coffee with amaranth and a Chocolate taco.

A Mariachi band will be livening up the experience with an authentic flair. Reservations can be made either at the club house or at La Hacienda Restaurant itself.

La Hacienda Restaurant features inside dining rooms and two spacious terraces, one inside and another with beach and ocean views.