Braulio Simancas

International Gastronomic Forum

The chef of the restaurant Las Aguas in Bahía del Duque introduces Canarian “Mojo” in avant-garde cuisine

Tuesday 17th October, 2017.- The chef of the restaurant Las Aguas, part of the Hotel Bahía del Duque, has added some Canarian flavour to the recipes prepared by Erlantz Gorostiza and Toto Regalado, from the Restaurant MB Abama and Juan Carlos and Jonathan Padrón from the restaurant El Rincón de Juan Carlos, in the “Foro Gastronómico Internacional de La Papa” (International Gastronomic Forum on the Potato), which is taking place between the 16-17 of October in the Auditorium of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

During a joint presentation, Simancas explained, during his speech,  that he had “invaded” the cuisine of these renowned chefs, who have been awarded with two and one Michelin Stars respectively, by integrating the Canarian sauce, Mojo Picón, as the ideal complement to the elaborations created from a potato base.

During the presentation, titled “Cooking today with potatoes antiguas from the Canary Islands”, chefs from three prestigious restaurants joined forces to create two recipes in a pioneering experience that illustrates the success of teamwork in the world of haute cuisine.

“Out of the ordinary in Canarian cuisine” is the premise of the Restaurant Las Aguas that the three award winning chefs have applied in the preparation of their recipes for this forum, taking full advantage of the ingredients and local products (such as the potato, cheese or pork from black Canarian pigs) to innovate and introduce new nuances that offer new sensations.

The water Fuentealta, part of the Grupo CIO, is also present in this forum.