facial training

Bahía del Duque adds facial training with FaceCoach to its wellness services

Within its proposal, Bahía Wellness Retreat is offering facial training with FaceCoach, a high-intensity gymnasium technique for face aimed at cosmetic results.

Bahía Wellness Retreat, our wellbeing area at the hotel Bahía del Duque, is adding facial training with FaceCoach to its list of services. Through its desire to offer guests a comprehensive wellbeing proposal and the most innovative services and treatments, our hotel, a member of The Tais Hotels & Villas, is committing to this cutting-edge technique which consists of a routine of high-intensity facial exercises targeted at cosmetic results.

FaceCoach works on forty facial muscles through a combination of different techniques such as manipulation, high-tech devices and the application of high-end cosmetic products. It is a non-invasive procedure recommended for anyone who wishes to prevent the impact of the passing of years on musculature and the deepest tissues of the face, reduce signs of tiredness and reverse signs that have already appeared. Also, it helps to extend the effectiveness time of anti-ageing cosmetic treatments that have previously been applied.

Just as we exercise our bodies to keep it healthy and toned, FaceCoach creates training routines that encompass several phases: warm-up, stretching, cardio, definition and the the lifting of facial musculature. It is a treatment recommended for all types of ages and lifestyles.

According to the manager of Bahía Wellness Retreat, Alex Rodríguez, “Beauty and wellness increasingly form part of the idea of exceptional holidays. Aware of this, at Bahía Wellness Retreat we have extended our proposal with FaceCoach, a cutting-edge proposal based on enhancing facial musculature. All the treatments performed are non-invasive or minimally invasive and their results are clear from the outset”.

Firstly, the personal trainer, Ana María Santana, carries out an individual consultation which is used to create a personalised facial training plan, focused on toning facial muscles and stimulating the production of collagen which, subsequently, can be worked on at home.

With a minimum of thirty minutes, FaceCoach provides visible results to show off luminous, moisturised and radiant skin. The programme implements exercise to take care of facial muscles with innovative and effective techniques that conclude with the application of exclusive high-end cosmetic products.

The FaceCoach team offers different training routines that improve and stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation; they provide luminosity and tone skin; they facilitate the production of collagen and cell renovation; they improve the absorption of treatments and smooth out expression lines.