Bahía del Duque ( is reopening the doors of its restaurant “La Trattoria”, following several weeks of renovations and the design of a new menu, created by the Italian chef Simone Millico.

The design team of the Hotel, led by Raúl de la Rosa, have updated the space by re-arranging some elements in order to expand the dimensions of the dining area. Furthermore, the colours on the walls have also been updated as well as the carpentry on all its windows and doors, together with the renovation of the furnishings.

With the change in the current layout, the restaurant is now divided into three distinct areas. We can highlight the main entrance area, where the bar is, presided by a great “Sputnik” lamp from the 60’s and where they have played with wood and steel furniture. This space flows into the staircase area where a large table with 6 chairs has been placed following the most innovative trends and faithful to an industrial style.

The second space, perfectly distinguished from the rest of the room, in the style of a interior Italian patio, is based on Italian interior design, with hydraulic floors, chairs made of reclaimed wood, decorative pieces of ceramics and traditional pottery, combined with laurel trees native to the area of Tuscany.

Lastly, the main dining area shows the commitment to the current trend with a masonry reminiscent of Italian restaurants of the 50’s and 60’s; hung on the walls are photographs of diverse elements that refer to the identity of the country, from iconic buildings such as the Roman Coliseum, to the views of the Amalfi Coast, the quintessential Vespa scooter, Parmesan Cheese or an orchard of ancient olive trees.

On the new menu, we can highlight the raw materials and traditional Italian elaborations, where fresh pasta, pizza of Mozzarela di Bufala cannot go amiss. The specialities on this new menu designed by Simone Millico include Risotto porcini and duck liver; Burrata de Puglia Mozzarela with cherry tomatoes, Bresaola and candied melon; Linguini with seafood, garlic, tomato, white wine and Panna Cotta with a reduction of Italian cherries (Amarena Fabbri), as well as ricotta ice-cream with chocolate crumble.