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Bahía del Duque has been recognised as a Sustainability Leader

The hotel, a member of The Tais Hotels & Villas, has been designated because of its commitment to the comprehensive criteria set forth by the Global Sustainable Council.

Bahía del Duque has great pleasure in announcing that it has been recognised as a Sustainability Leader by The Leading Hotels of the World, which recognises member hotels that have been certified according to standards aligned to the Global Sustainable Council criteria.

Just 50 hotels worldwide are part of this prestigious collection of rigorously vetted Leading Hotels of the World that meet the highest standards of cultural, social and environmental sustainability.

Bahía del Duque is aware that sustainability is not only about environmental commitments, but also to people’s wellbeing, social solidarity, transparency and good governance, all under a common code: ethical behaviour. For this reason, the hotel has a real commitment to ensuring that great hospitality is preserved for generations to come.

This designation is a testament to Bahía del Duque ability to meet and exceed the stringent Criteria set forth by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), an organization that champions responsible and sustainable tourism practices.


Bahía del Duque’s Sustainability Leader designation by The Leading Hotels of the World is grounded in three pillars: the team, the environment and the community. The Hotel has developed a total of 90 actions to drive sustainability during 2022.

Among the actions towards the team developed by Bahía del Duque, the following stand out: granting of the scholarship „Beca Duqui“, a financial allowance for university studies aimed at a child of a staff member; and „CIO + Sustainable“ environmental competition organised to reward the team’s ideas and encourage their involvement.

Bahía del Duque’s commitment to the environment is reflected in different actions such as the renovation of the desalination plant, to improve its energy efficiency by 2.9 Kw / m3 of desalinated water produced; the carbon sink project in Bahía del Duque, by calculating the CO2 2 absorption potential associated with its 63,000 md of landscaped area; or the waste reduction project (specifically, plastic amenities), through the incorporation of large format reusable dispensers in the hotel rooms.

In addition, the hotel has a project for the selective collection of biodegradable waste from kitchens and gardens for composting and subsequent use in the agricultural production of Km0 food (Circular Tourist Communities Project, promoted by Ashotel); and promotes the manufacture of reusable bags for the Bahía del Duque shops, through the reuse and recycling of discarded textile material from the hotel. In collaboration with the sewing studio (Record Lavandería) and through its own brand, to promote sustainable values (BDD Sostenible), among other projects.

As far as community commitment is concerned the hotel develops different projects such as the collaboration with the NGO „Ayuda en Acción“ for 25 years through the project „What can you do with €1?“ by sponsoring 40 groups of children in disadvantaged regions in 8 countries and thus helping to improve the quality of life in their communities. The hotel staff also stays in touch with the children through letters. In 2023 with the surplus money raised, by the generosity of the clients, the hotel collaborated with „La Regla de tres“ project about education, rights and being a woman in Ethiopia.

The Hotel also participates in local community projects such as the charity gastronomic workshop ‘SaboreAñaza’ organised in collaboration with the Fundación Canaria El Buen Samaritano or the removal of invasive species in the „Bosque del Adelantado“ Green Area, in collaboration with Terramare and the Tenerife Island Council. This initiative included the participation of the users from the Sonsoles Soriano Foundation, as volunteers. This entity dedicated to the guardianship of people with disabilities.