biologiche recherche

Bahía del Duque and Biologique Recherche, the perfect skincare tandem

Bahía del Duque incorporates the exclusive French cosmetics brand Biologique Recherche to its Bahía Wellness Retreat Spa. This partnership offers the opportunity to enjoy luxury treatments designed for every skin type and need.

Bahía Wellness Retreat, the wellness area of Bahía del Duque, was named Best Destination Spa at the ‚Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence 2023’, the ‚Best Wellness Experience 2022‘ at the Beyond Luxury Awards, and Spain’s Best Hotel Spa 2022 at the World Spa Awards. This spiritual and physical retreat was created to awaken the five senses and ensure the best skin care. To achieve this, we rely on the Biologique Recherche brand.

Founded in the late 1970s by a family of artisan skincare experts, Biologique Recherche is known for its pioneering approach to products and treatments. Its exclusive methodology offers personalised cosmetic treatments with plant, bio-marine and biotechnological extracts at very high concentrations, avoiding synthetic fragrances.

Biologique Recherche’s luxury treatments are tailored to each individual and their skin’s specific needs. Each treatment begins with a personalised diagnosis, and from there, an individualised plan is created, combining the most suitable products and techniques for each case.

At the Bahia Wellness Retreat Spa, treatments are designed for the face and the body. The facial treatments include options such as:

  • Oxygenating Detox: This detoxifying and purifying Treatment revitalizes the skin, protecting it from atmospheric pollutants.
  • Facial Rejuvenating Treatment MC 110 is an anti-ageing treatment that preventswrinkles and fine lines providing a firmer, and more radiant skin.
  • Lift C.V.S. treatment: This exfoliating and lifting treatment is recommended for mature skin. It redefines facial contours and softens wrinkles.
  • The restructuring treatmentstimulates epidermal renewal, moisturizes and repairs fragile and damaged skin, restoring its natural balance.
  • Specific anti-ageing treatment: This targeted treatment is perfect for vulnerable areas to improve their appearance and soften signs of ageing.
  • Luxury visage:absolute elixir with 27 anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and regenerating ingredients to boost radiance and reduce pigmentation.

The body care treatments include options such as:

  • P50 „New Skin“ Treatment: exfoliating and revitalizing body treatment for softer, more even, moisturized skin.
  • Body Lift Treatment: firming and toning treatment for a resculpted body, reducing cellulite.
  • Lipolytic Treatment: This treatment is focused on activating blood and lymphatic circulation and improving skin tone and elasticity.
  • Circulatory with pressotherapy: This treatment is indicated for decongesting and relieving tired legs, providing lightness and freshness.
  • Drainage with pressotherapy: This anti-oedematous action stimulates fluid mobilisation, restores the skin, and ensures hydration and suppleness.

This renowned French cosmetics brand and Bahía Wellness Retreat, a unique wellness space in Spain, share the same values and methodology. They can adapt to each person’s needs to offer the best skin treatments.

Bahía Wellness Retreat also offers an outdoor thalassotherapy circuit, fed by seawater from the Atlantic Ocean, water with a high concentration of minerals and unique properties that are highly beneficial for skin and health. Hammam, sauna, Scottish and bucket showers, a cold-water pool and outdoor solarium, and a professional physiotherapy, osteopathy, mindfulness, coaching, fitness, Pilates, and yoga team. To round up the experience, the Beauty Studio offers professional hairdressing, aesthetics, make-up, and manicure services.