Disconnect & Reconnect

Dive into a world of relaxing and revitalizing experiences. Bahía Wellness Retreat has been created to offer you an integral wellbeing experience. Enjoy an authentic transformation in a unique space, featuring a unique outdoor thalassotherapy circuit and surrounded by spectacular gardens.

Reactivate your organism, switch off your mind and calm your spirit with our 360 Programs. Our team of wellbeing advisers will help you to attain the perfect harmony.

Immerse yourself into Bahía Wellness Retreat, an extraordinary sanctuary for switching off and balance.

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Wellness Universe

Welcome to your retreat of peace, serenity and energy. Welcome to Bahia Wellness Retreat.

Harmonize your body and soul at our extraordinary natural oasis surrounded by aromatic gardens. We invite you to get away from it all in this idyllic disconnection area, which carefully combines the relaxing power of sea water with the overflowing energy of the sun and volcanic rock. Its design, inspired by the magical nature of the island of Tenerife, fuses the interior and exterior spaces to create a sensory spectacle.

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Holistic Rituals

Discover our extensive and internationally awarded menu of treatments and rituals, a unique and exceptional opportunity to disconnect and be pampered the way you deserve. We invite you to internalize, understand and feel the true meaning of the word well-being.

Enjoy endless sensations and choose from between our marvellous rituals based on the power of nature, or delve into a world of treatments inspired by the traditional therapies of different cultures.

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360 Programs

Experience the unique sensation of undertaking a transformative path that will help you to achieve your personal objectives. Our 360 Programs, carefully personalised, are tailored to your needs in order to inspire and promote a significant change.

Our expert team of wellbeing advisers comprised of therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and physiotherapists will create a comprehensive personalised program for you with which you will attain the perfect harmony between body and mind.

Experience the rejuvenating power of vitality, rediscover the best version of yourself.

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We want health to become your lifestyle therefore we have specialists who will transport you to an incomparable state of wellbeing.

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