The force of the universe will flood your soul thanks to the harmonisation of breathing and relaxing poses. Connect with your personal cosmos through mindful meditation and experience the plenitude of a perfect mind-body balance.

Hidden within you is the path towards the most absolute happiness and serenity, we accompany you to discover it.

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We invite you to have a deep connection with your spirit and journey within yourself without external distractions. A journey in your soul that will help you to rebuild yourself from within in order to deeply reconnect with yourself and find your personal balance.

This mindfulness meditation discipline, whose origins are in Buddhist tradition, will help you, through breathing, to harmonise your mind while managing stress and anxiety, to experience a state of deep happiness and peace.

Private sessions with a personal trainer
Duration: 60 to 90 minutes
Price: 80€

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The age-old wisdom of the east is embodied in the discipline of Yoga. Discover the power of this meditative discipline which combines a spiritual quest with a rejuvenating vision of the body.

Our holistic proposal and the atmosphere of peace in this oasis of peace go hand in hand, to offer you an exclusive space where our experienced instructors will guide you through yoga sessions that are tailored to your level and deepen the connection between your mind, body and spirit. Improve flexibility and the movement capacity of your entire body, while regulating stress levels thanks to deep breathing exercises.

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Yoga for kids

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Meditation Pranayama

Revitalize your senses thanks to breathing exercises aimed at acting directly on your mind and manage to accumulate the energy power needed for your daily life.

Our therapists will help you to coordinate the movements of your body with breathing in order to attain a state of meditation that makes it possible to purify your soul while managing to increase your physical and mental strength, by stimulating the solar plexus and allowing energy to flow freely.

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