At Bahía del Duque we implement strategies that encourage sustainable tourism practices. The wellbeing of our employees, the environmental protection and collaboration with the local community are very important for us. Sustainability is a main part of our philosophy and that is why we feel the responsibility to work to make a better world possible.

Proof of our commitment to sustainability, prevention and continuous improvement are the different certifications we hold:

Our team

Bahía del Duque represents a big family and as such we take care of one another. We believe that the wellbeing of our staff is a key factor for our development. We encourage a quality working climate, aware of the great importance of the work of each of the employees for our business success.

Our commitment to the environment

We are aware of the need to minimise our footprint and we are deeply involved in reducing our consumption, emissions and waste, and preserving the environment through the rational use of natural resources.

Share with us your suggestions, complaints and requests for information regarding environmental sustainability.

Our social responsibility actions

Social action is implicit in our corporate culture. We promote social development, through our commitment to the community. We establish links with local associations and actively collaborate with them; we encourage corporate volunteering among our teams; we encourage the hiring of disabled people; and we disseminate culture and local traditions as the hallmark of the destination.