We are celebrating our 25th anniversary! 2018 is going to be full of special events and we would like you to share this great year with us. Let’s continue creating unforgettable moments. Discover our extraordinary program of activities and accompany us on this amazing journey full of surprises.


January: Welcome Month

Welcome to this year full of celebrations, in which we want you to feel appreciated and a part of our “family”. During this month we would like to thank you for your support these 25 years!

Main Activities:

  • 02.01 Welcome Barbeque: Hakuna Matata
  • 26.01 and 27.01 Gastronomic Days in La Trattoria: The Truffle


February: Carnival Month

Carnival is one of the most traditional cultural festivities of Tenerife, and it fills the days with rhythm, happiness and excitement. A month packed with colour, feathers, confetti and music which invites us to live to the fullest and be surprised!

Main Activities:

  • 12.02 Carnival Party
  • 14.02 Valentine`s Special
  • 15.02 Venetian Masquerade Party


March: Month of Planet Earth

Bahía del Duque feels a great commitment towards the environment, and March, coinciding with the annual WWF event, “Earth Hour”, is the month chosen to celebrate our most responsible trait.

Main Activities:

  • Astronomic excursion
  • 09.03 and 10.03 Gastronomic Days in Alisios Market Food: peruvian cuisine
  • 26.03 Tree planting with the family
  • 28.03 Little explorers: flora and fauna


April: Kids Month

We’re taking this opportunity to celebrate the joys of childhood with activities and surprises to make us laugh, play and share unforgettable moments with the little ones, because we all have a child inside us!

Main Activities:

  • 05.04 Mini Master Chef
  • 04.04 and 11.04 Little explorers: flora and fauna
  • Digital Detox for Kids
  • Children’s program in Bahía Wellness Retreat


May: Culture & History Month

With spring in full swing, during the month of May, The Canary Islands celebrates its day and opens the doors to a large array of traditional events, where the local culture and its characteristics are on full display.

Main Activities:

  • 30.05 Canarian party ( at 18:30 hrs in La Placita)
  • Guided night tour through the Hotel


June: Wellness Month

In the run up to summer, June is the perfect month to focus on our body and prepare our skin for the hot season. This is the ideal moment to let yourself be pampered and taken care of by the expert hands of the Bahía Wellness Retreat team.

Main Activities:

  • The Mindful Touch by Natura Bissé


July: Family Fun Month

July is the month where many families come together and create unforgettable moments. The pleasure of disconnecting from the routine and connecting with what is really important makes this the ideal month to celebrate with your loved ones.

Main Activities:

  • Family Master Chef
  • 21.07 Picnic in the Pitch & Putt with a special obstacle course for kids
  • Digital Detox for families


August: Culinary Month

We invite you to travel the world through our exquisite culinary proposal full of unforgettable experiences for the senses. A month full of intense flavours, aromas and textures.

Main Activities:

  • 07.08 “Street Food” Night
  • 17.08 Summer BBQ
  • 24.08 y 25.08  Gastronomic Days in La Hacienda: Mexican cuisine with Armando Saldanha


September: Gala Month

Celebrate with us 25 years of success and growth! September will be a month to toast, dance and enjoy ourselves with the Gala Dinner, an event filled with magic and elegance that celebrated the history of Bahía del Duque and promise a future filled with new memories.

Main Activities:

  • 15.09 Grand Gala 25th Anniversary


October: Month of Adventures

In Bahía del Duque autumn is synonym of warm and soft temperatures. October is the ideal month to lose yourself, be more adventures and try new experiences that will remain with you forever.

Main Activities:

  • 25.10 – 27.10 Dinner in Bahía’s Sky
  • 31.10 Special Halloween Party


November: Month of Solidarity

The joy of giving, sharing and helping will be centre stage during the month of November. The supportive culture and philosophy of Bahía del Duque will be displayed again through local charity actions.

Main Activities:

  • Big food collection
  • Charity market


December: Month of Magic

December is a special and magical month, where the Christmas spirit fills everything in its wake, creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement, to which this year we can add the emotion of celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Main Activities:

  • 31.12 New Year’s Eve Gala “Revival”