Pierre Résimont

Bahía del Duque presents the new menu of ‘La Brasserie’, designed by Pierre Résimont

The two Michelin star chef, the Belgian Pierre Résimont, has created a menu together with Joseba Llarena and Eliana Real that is both precise and simple, with plates based on quality products, creative sauces and dressings

The Restaurant La Brasserie of Hotel Bahía del Duque renews its menu. The new culinary proposal prepared by the chef Pierre Résimont, who has two Michelin stars in his restaurant “L’eau Vive” in Belgium, combines precision and simplicity with dishes based on quality products, creative sauces and dressings.

This new menu aims at balancing textures and seasonal ingredients to give originality and freshness to each dish. For starters, Pierre proposes grilled Norway lobsters, avocado and citrus vinaigrette or eggs en Meurette, mushrooms, croutons and smoked bacon. As main dishes, under fishes he proposes turbot, cauliflower textures, potatoes with Beluga caviar and champagne butter; or salmon fillet, grilled asparagus and Sherry sauce. Under meat courses the menu includes low temperature white veal, morels and white asparagus; or chicken casserole, gizzards, mushrooms in cream and puff pastry.

Under desserts, La Brasserie offers two new culinary proposals: white chocolate mousse, raspberries and sage ice cream or Paris Brest, caramelized hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream.

Pierre Résimont started to collaborate with Bahía del Duque in 2015 managing La Brasserie as part of the hotel’s commitment to haute cuisine. He has designed the menu together with the culinary team that counts with the chef Joseba Llarena and Eliana Real, who won the second price of the Canary Islands Cooking Final. The business relationship with the Belgian chef includes his advice and continuous training for the team in the Belgian restaurants “L’Eau-vive” and “Le comptoir de L’Eau–vive”, where they designed the new menu.

On the other hand, Résimont is finalizing preparations to launch a new lunch menu that will also bear his signature, hence reinforcing the alliance between Bahía del Duque and the chef in charge of the kitchen in the restaurant La Brasserie.