Bahía del Duque presents its personalized wellbeing programs at Fitur

The hotel updates its offer and becomes a wellness destination offering 360º immersions for nutritional goals and counselling.

Bahía del Duque participates in the International Tourism Fair, FITUR, with a new-found offer including wellness programs for each guest profile. The hotel, member of The Tais Hotels, leads a tailored service, an exclusive value to attract the most demanding clients and to turn their stay into a memorable experience.

To do so, the Bahía Wellness Retreat team has designed a 360º wellness immersion providing each client a wide range of possibilities to feel relaxed and balanced according to their physical, mental and spiritual goals. The hotel wellness counsellors provide individual guidance on the most suitable program to reach specific goals.

The program “Bespoke Wellness Booster” points out with a portfolio of immersions. It is inspired in the need to balance body, mind and soul through five key points: detox, oxygenation, relaxing, beauty and vitality. After an initial analysis, a team of specialists create a nutrition programme, treatments and activities during the stay.

For those travellers that seek to disconnect and recover sleeping hours, the team of specialists proposes “Sleep Recovery Immersion”, a program that helps to internalize the benefits of proper breathing and good nutrition.

According to Cristina de Juan, the hotel manager, “the promo proposal presented during Fitur involves putting in value this integral wellness programme designed to cover specific needs of each guest. Client increasingly demand a need to mentally and physically ‘switch off and reset'”

In this regard, Bahía Wellness Retreat holds a clinical area where a team of experts carry out a biophysical assessment of each visitor that includes, among others, a hormonal health examination, consultation with a nutritionist, assessment on hair health, physiotherapy sessions and a tailored health plan. In the wellness area therapists also offer reiki sessions, yoga, massages, a personal trainer and specific workouts.

“We always listen to our clients and therefore Bahía del Duque has become a high quality wellness destination. We persist in taking care of details, health, wellbeing, we are passionate about gourmet cousin, exclusivity and our environmental commitment. All this features determine our roadmap” adds Cristina de Juan.