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Astronomical tourism at Bahía del Duque

Bahía del Duque reveals the secrets of astronomical tourism 

Surrounded by tropical and subtropical vegetation on the Atlantic coast, the hotel’s spectacular setting becomes an amphitheatre from which to enjoy all the treasures in the Canarian night sky.


Tenerife has extraordinary conditions for astronomical observation. This is due to its unique environmental characteristics, including the presence of the trade winds that favour warm, stable and Spring temperatures throughout the year. The island forms part of what are known as Starlight Tourist Destinations: places with exceptional qualities for the contemplation of the starry skies. As they are protected from light pollution, they are particularly suitable for carrying out activities revolving around this natural resource.

The Bahía del Duque Hotel has made this treasure a unique attraction for its visitors. Surrounded by 63,000 square metres of tropical and subtropical vegetation on the Atlantic coast, the hotel’s spectacular setting transforms into an ideal amphitheatre to enjoy the deep-sky treasures.

The Bahía del Duque offers guided tours to its guests, so they can contemplate the Milky Way and the rest of the stars from its own private astronomical observatory.

The tour takes guests on a journey through time to discover how ancient civilizations used the constellations to both orient themselves on their journeys and create their agricultural and religious calendars. From Tenerife it is possible to observe 83 of the 88 known constellations.

For amateur astronomers, this year marks 30 years since the passing of the Sky Law (Law for the Protection of the Astronomical Quality of the IAC Observatories), which was written to preserve the quality of the astronomical observatories in the Canary Islands. This important date, which makes it possible for hotel guests to enjoy this unique activity nowadays, coincides with Bahía del Duque’s own 25th anniversary.