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360° Sleep Recovery Immersion the new proposal of Bahía del Duque against insomnia

In order to sleep well, you must prepare well. Insomnia is over!  Thanks to the “360° Sleep Recovery Immersion” programme, which includes breathing exercises and a personalised sleep schedule, the clients of Bahía del Duque are able to look healthier.

Sleeping like a baby is possible thanks to the holistic “Sleep Recovery Immersion” programme. Not only our clients at Bahía del Duque achieve true and deep relaxation but also a more radiant appearance thanks to night-time treatments to revitalise the skin.

In order to achieve the necessary calm and have restful sleep, this weekly recovery programme features a non-invasive neurostimulation treatment performed by physiotherapists, specific breathing exercises, and a personalised sleep schedule.

Taking a nap from time to time can give us a quick charge of energy. However, a good night’s rest and sound sleep are crucial for a lasting sense of wellbeing. As not everyone is blessed with the gift of good sleep, the “Sleep Recovery Immersion” programme offers those seeking good rest a way to achieve efficient sleep, step by step.

True to its “360º Immersion” claim, the programme lasts a week and offers a variety of elements. It begins with neurostimulation, whose electrical impulses improve the function of the nervous system and, therefore, the quality of sleep. In addition, an individual sleep schedule is set and meditation sessions are held.

Clients alternate these sessions with instruction on conscious breathing techniques, techniques to relax the maxillary and neck muscles, and methods to mobilise the spine with specific exercises.

To achieve inner peace, our luxury hotel offers Ayurvedic and hot stone massages in its wellbeing area Bahía Wellness Retreat, followed by a medicinal hydrotherapy session featuring medicinal herbs and essential oils. While you sleep, your skin is also pampered with soothing lavender oil and a regenerating facial mask of Natura Bissé.