Spa Bahía del Duque Christmas Season Treatments

Christmas Spa Bahía del Duque Treatments

The Spa Bahía del Duque presents its proposals for the Christmas season

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, November 2016.- The team of therapists of the Spa Bahía del Duque  suggest two spectacular Natura Bissé treatments, created by the prestigious Spanish cosmetics brand, to prepare the body and skin for the Christmas season.

Both treatments, one of them a facial and the other one a body treatment, aim to prepare the skin so it looks radiant and perfect for the  festive season, while applying products and specific techniques to nourish, regenerate and tone in depth.

The procedures are detailed as follows:


This new facial treatment is a powerful regenerator based on three types of collagen aimed at increasing skin firmness in an extraordinary way, defining the shape of the face, improve the density of the skin and help maintain hydration.

AIM: With this new generation facial, you will get a much firmer defined and smooth complexion, which looks and feels completely rejuvenated and better prepared to defend itself from the effects of time.

INGREDIENTS: The star ingredient in the 3D Collagen Shock treatment, is a new and exclusive Natura Bisse ingredient called 3D Collagen Matrix. This intelligent combination of three types of collagen of different molecular weights is can work in the different layers of the skin and offers and incredible lifting and redensifying effect. The three collagens present in the 3D Collagen Matrix create a film with a toning effect which preserves hydration on the surface of the skin and protects it from external aggressions; it improves the retention of moisture and prevents dryness. Furthermore, by stimulating the synthesis of the new collagen, an integral rejuvenation is achieved.

PROCEDURE: 3D Collagen shock also includes a massage technique called Active Face Contouring Technique with which the shape of the face is redrawn, reshaping and sculpting the contours of the face. Thanks also to a cocktail of nutrients essential for younthful skin, the proteoglycans and Vitamin C enhance skin structure to help reverse the effects of aging.

DURATION: 90 minutes.

PRICE: 140 €.


AIM: Increase the tone and elasticity of the skin, visibly improving its appearance.

INGREDIENTES: The treatment includes a blend of lipolytic, circulatory, draining, and reshaping active ingredients, as well as the Biomembrane Transepidermic System (BMT) patented by the brand L-carnitina, caffeine, collagen and eslastina hydrolysates, essential extracts and oils.

PROCEDURE: The treatment begins with a localized exfoliation to activate the circulation of the different areas to be treated. This is followed by revolutionary ultra-concentrates with an anti-cellulite or reducing action which aim to create a perfect silhouette. The innovative active ingredients effectively reach the deepest layers of the skin, strengthening the capillaries and helping to drain excess liquid and toxins. The treatment also helps the dissolution of cellulite nodules and inhibit adipocyte maturation, preventing new cellulite to form.

DURATION: 60 minutes.

PRICE: 110 €.